A Special Invitation to our Christian Brothers and Sisters...

Has your denomination or church body been gradually leaving you behind? Do you find that your denomination has been becoming too liberal? Is your denomination no longer the “church that you grew up with”? Have congregational mergers left you out in wind with nowhere to call home?

To you, we extend a warm invitation to come and join us here at Trinity.

God has not left you; He is still active in this world through His chosen means of grace, the Word and the Sacraments. God is still declaring to you, that though your sins are as scarlet, because of what Jesus Christ has done, they are white as snow. God is still declaring sinners to be righteous for the sake of the Savior.

Recent events in some denominations have marked a real turn in the direction of those church bodies. The clear message of Scripture is being lost due to new philosophies that are built upon false love and a worldly view of tolerance. The clearest example of this today is the debate over homosexuality. These church bodies have left the simple, clear meaning of Scripture behind and have compromised with the world in allowing practicing homosexuals to serve as ministers in their church bodies.

At Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, we affirm that the Bible is God’s Word, all of it, every single word, and every single letter. It is the sole source and authority for the Christian Faith and Life. We affirm biblical teachings, and although we suffer various criticisms for this, we resist the growing trend to compromise with philosophies that teach contrary to Scripture.