Behold, children are an inheritance from the LORD -Psalm 127:3
This is the biblical truth about youth. And yet our youth today are too often viewed as burdens and not blessings. The youth here at Trinity are a blessing given to their parents, but also to the church. Our Youth group is a vital part of our church. Each of our youth are baptized children of God, saved by the blood of the Lamb. Our Youth group combines Christian education with Christian fellowship with many events throughout the year. On the first Sunday of every month, there is a Parent/Youth Bible Study led by Pastor. This helps our youth and their parents have some common ground for discussion throughout their week together as families in Christ. Our youth also receive weekly instruction through the Sunday School program. For 6th-8th grade youth, the instruction also takes place on Wednesday nights for Catechism classes, where we learn the basics of what the Christian Faith and Life are all about. The youth also get to take part in Sunday morning Divine Service, serving as acolytes and ushers. Our youth also experience fun and fellowship not only in classes, but also in many of our youth events. Each month we try to have two events for the youth to come together and experience Christian fellowship in doing many things. Events include things like caroling, paintball, hayrides, bike trips, hiking, skiing, swim parties, Christmas shopping, and even trap shooting. Service projects also form a part of the youth involvement here at Trinity. There are plenty of things for our youth to get involved with, most importantly learning that the Christian life is one of lifelong repentance and faith, learning and relearning the simple truths of the Bible.

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