Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church: We rejoice when newcomers wish to join our congregation and thank God for the opportunity to have other Christian brothers and sisters walk with us, worship with us, and go through life with us. There are several ways in which we receive members:

  • Rite of Confirmation (following Catechesis, or instruction in the Faith)
  • Transfer from a sister congregation of the Lutheran Church –– Missouri Synod
  • Profession of faith (following Catechesis, or instruction in the Faith)

In becoming a member here at Trinity, you are confessing (together with all of our members) that:

  • You are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
  • You accept all canonical books of the Old and New Testament as the only divine rule and standard of faith and life
  • You are familiar with Luther’s Small Catechism and have declared your acceptance of it
  • With God’s help, you desire to be humble and permit yourself to be brotherly and lovingly admonished and corrected when you have erred according to the Word of God
  • You are not a member, affiliate, or supporter of a secret society or other organizations that conflict with the Word of God

Adult Membership Classes:
For anyone who is interested in becoming a member here at Trinity by profession of faith, we offer Adult Membership classes, which are a course of study designed to teach the basics of the Christian Faith and Life. This is an enjoyable time of learning about the great things that God has done for us in Christ. Come and join us for these classes.

Other Catechesis or instruction in the Faith:
We realize that not all schedules and situations will allow for a person to be a part of the Adult Membership class. That is why we have private Catechesis that goes on throughout the year. This can be done with entire families, groups of people, or individuals who are seeking to become members here at Trinity. Our goal is to welcome you in as members of this congregation, so that you can celebrate with us in all of the gifts which our Lord so graciously gives.